Jo Winther

I am excited to be back on the NVSDC committee after having a few years break.  I have been on a number of committees over the years including: Pony Club; NVSDC; Falls Creek Sled Dog Classic; and Arctic Rescue Victoria.  I was part of the NVSDC committee when we held the ASSA Nationals in 2015 with such a large number or competitors and great outcomes.  I enjoy being part of communities that are animal focussed, as they are a big part of my life (both dogs and horses).
Our family have been involved in the sport of sledding for 20 years.  I have watched our kennel grow significantly and our kids go from Mini Pee Weeks to open classes – and running in the snow, including racing in New Zealand.  I am so proud of my families (including our dogs) achievements.  I love to see the joy on the kids or Vaughan’s face when they have had a great race – nailing all their turns and running well together.  I have run in most of the classes on dirt and the 2 dog class on the snow.  The last few years I have been unable to race, but have participated in either handling or timing at many events – hopefully I will be right to run again soon.
I am committed to helping the sport grow and develop by listening to feedback from mushers.  I am not scared to make changes that benefits the sport.  I am looking forward to an exciting 2019.



Daniel Kydd

G’day, 2021 is my 6th year as apart of the NVSDC club. My wife and I live on my family’s dairy farm, just out of Finley NSW.

After watching the NVSDC Classic in 2015, I decided to give dryland dog sledding a go in June 2016 with our mallie, Balto.. Apart from competing in other dryland sledding events in Victoria, I’ve had a go at one of the snow races at Dinner Plain in 2017, in a 3 mallie team. I thoroughly enjoyed the snow, just cruising along with the mallies and enjoying the scenery.



Diane Baker

I’m 55 years old, been married to Wayne for 34 years and have a daughter Jess 33. I have been involved in breeding, showing and training Siberian huskies since I was 14 years old. I met Wayne when he brought his first Siberian Husky and we have continued that breeding and training together for at least 30 years but have now moved over to Alaskan Huskies.  We have 10 Alaskan huskies and two cats.

 I’ve sled dog raced since 1995 and have competed in every class from one to eight dog class, including racing overseas in Russia and have been very fortunate to consistently place well over the years. These days I enjoy and prefer to Bikejor and Canicross on dryland and sled a team on snow. I am very committed to the support and growth of this sport in Australia. I’m a founding member of ASSA in 2001 and sat on the committee for a number of years. I have also founded a number of races and clubs such as the Victorian Husky club in 1984. I feel honoured to be a life member of NVDSC.

Over the years I have had the motto “that my goal is for me and my dogs to finish a race safely and placing well is a bonus. Over the years I have done very well and at times had horrible runs but those horrible runs have taught me valuable lessons. I have lost teams, gone the wrong way, dogs chased a wombat down a hole and wouldn’t continue, broke a collar bone, have broken most of my ribs, had concussion, lost a wheel off my rig, dogs wouldn’t run but I have enjoyed it all.

 I love sled dog racing is a fantastic sport.



Vanessa Kydd

Hi! I’m excited to be back on board the NVSDC committee with 2021 being my 6th year in this exciting club. My husband, Daniel, and I bought our first Alaskan Malamute male, Balto, as a pup in 2014.
A few years later, our current kennel consists of four Alaskan Malamutes (with 2 from our special friend, E’vette Levett), and two Australian Kelpies.
Apart from our fur-kids, we our beautiful daughter, Dawn and our late son, Allister, who tragically passed away at 6 months old due to a spinal muscular atrophy condition in June 2016. Dawn loves dryland dog sledding, and you’d never see her happier than when she's cruising behind our scooters in her bike trailer, while being pulled along by our mallies.



Jess Winther

Hey, I am Jess
With the help of my parents, Vaughan and Jo and my brother Josh we run Winhaven Sled Dog Team which is currently made up of Alaskan Huskies, Eurohounds and Siberian Huskies. I started out in the sport when I was just 2 years old racing malamutes all throughout peewees, juniors and my first couple of years in open classes. I have run in most classes from 1 dog through to 8 dog on dryland and snow with a range of different breeds. I have a love for Alaskan Huskies and as a result I have started breeding my own alaskans who I am now racing with in the larger classes.
This is my forth year on NVSDC Committee, my aim is to give back to the sport that has given so much to me. I have been a member of the club since it first started and have been attending the classic race over 15 years.  I consider myself to be a very friendly and approachable person so don’t be afraid to come and say hi at races



Vaughan Winther

I started mushing with an Alaskan Malamute in 2001 and have been involved in the sled dog racing every year, dragging my family around forests and ski slopes. For 15 years I raced malamutes from 1 dog all the way up to 8 dog who are now all gracefully retiring. My family made the switch to cross bred hounds and Alaskan Huskies about 6 years ago. We have been building our kennel up and as a result currently have 20 young purpose bred sled dogs ranging from 1 years to 7 years old.
I’m passionate about giving back to the sled dog community, I am also on the Dinner Plain Sled Dog Challenge Committee and have an interest in helping new people into the sport. After watching my kids grow up learning how to run teams, I am also invested in helping Juniors gain confidence and make the step into open classes. Feel free to say hi when you see me around



Wayne Baker

I’m 56 years old, been married to Diane for 34 years and have a daughter Jess 33. I have been involved in breeding, showing and training Samoyeds since I was ten years old, I got my first Siberian in 1980 from Diane’s mother. We have continued that breeding and training together for at least 30 years but have now moved over to Alaskan Huskies. We have 10 Alaskan huskies and two cats.
I am very committed to the support and growth of this sport in Australia. I have been involved in ASSA in the early years in sorting out rules. I have also been involved with other people and Diane in setting up clubs in Qld and was one of the people who got Baw Baw snow race up and running. I’ve sled dog raced since 1994 and have competed in every class from one to eight dog class and have been very fortunate to consistently place well over the years.
These days I enjoy and prefer mentor up and coming mushers, doing boot camps for both dirt racing and snow racing. I have competed in a number of sprint races and long distance races including being one of the five mushers that did the original B50 race and am proud to say I’m the only one still racing today.
Over the years I have had some of the best times of my life starring up the butts of some of my best furmates either doing sprint races or distance races many moons ago, These days I still train and race my dogs and more often these days I train and race some very nice dogs from a couple of good friends. I’ve had many ups and downs with this sport but it is one true sport where the team is you and your dogs and if you train and train a bit more you will see the results.

Wayne copy.jpg


E'vette Burrows

Hi I am passionate about sled dog sports and Alaskan Sled dogs. I competed in my first sled dog race in 1995 with my crazy cattle dog named Zac. Over the years since my beloved Alaskan Malamutes and I have competed successfully in dry land and snow races from 1 dog class to 8 dog class and in skijoring from 1 dog to 3 dog class (and yes we sometimes do it in costume). In 2019 after a surprising whirlwind romance, fellow musher Malcolm Burrows and I decided to merge our lives and kennels and were notably absent from the Nationals that year as we were busy getting married instead. We now live in Northern Victoria with our combined kennel of Alaskan Malamutes and Alaskan Huskies. We love all things sled dogs and look forward to being able to be out once again with our like minded sledding buddies after a year of COVID cancellations. 

- founding member and life member of the NVSDC

- Race Marshall NVSDC Classic, NVSDC club races and the inaugural TASSI Classic

- Licensed sled dog judge

- Dogs Victoria.

- Snowsteeds Alaskan Malamutes

- Malette Alaskan Sled Dogs



Deb Murphy

I have been on board with NVSDC as a Founding Member back in 2011 and have been on the Committee continuously except for a 1 year break!

Sled dogs have played such a massive part of our lives for over 24 years now with my husband Rod and our two daughters getting our 1st Alaskan Malamute. It has been a love and way of life for us all ever since, showing, breeding and sledding our Mals for several years, then, thanks to Tamara, who wanted the “faster” Siberian Huskies to race, we moved to the “dark side” and acquired our 1st  rescue Sibe. At present we have 2 Mallies, 7 Siberian Huskies and 1 Alaskan Husky, our least amount of dogs for several years!! ( and 1 Italian Greyhound!!)

Rod and the girls have done most of the racing over the years with me handling for them, but have entered in some 1 and 2 dog dryland events and in 2019 I did my 1st EVER snow race at Dinner Plain with 3 dogs.

NVSDC are a wonderful club and I have been very proud to be a part of it from the beginning. We have a great committee who are very committed to make our Classic Sled Dog Race the very best possible.